Hawaii Marlin Fishing - Overnight & Inter-Island

Are you looking for a VIP Overnight Experience on a million dollar Sportfishing Yacht?

We have over (30) vessels in the Hawaiian Islands that are equipped for overnight and inter-island trips and most of our yachts can be secured for up to 10 Days or more of private exclusive use. There is no limit to our service potential, so please let us know your desires & expectation. If you are not a fisherman, YES, these same boats can be chartered for strictly relaxation and pleasure yachting!

Overnight Trips are 24 Hours in duration usually starting at 3PM and returning to port the next day at around the same time. Fish on your way to the destination. Have some dinner with cocktails, and fish at night for Yellowfin & Bigeye Tuna as well as Swordfish. Have some breakfast, drop some lines for some bottom fishing action, then start making your way home trolling 8 knots with lures in the water at all times of course!

Inter-Island Chartered Trips are exactly that. Start on One Island and travel in style to another Hawaiian Island to visit. All Inter-Island Vessels will range in size from 43 - 54' in length, and all will be immaculate yachts with all of the onboard amenities you desire. Inter-Island excursions are multi-day trips (2 or more) that are intended to be first class for all of those visitors with a little bit larger vacation budget.

Please answer a few short questions, and we will be quick to respond with a phone call or an email.