Hawaii Marlin Fishing - Is there a booking fee ?

Absolutely not.HawaiiMarlinFishing.com DOES NOT and WILL NOT EVER charge any booking fees or add any administration fees to a trip. Our pricing is your pricing. You set the sale price against your competitors and create your own profile to win the business. HMF will only charge the customer directly for Trip Deposits (HMF Commissions), any Trip Cancellations Fees that you have established and for any additional value added HMF services that the customer chooses like Food and Beverage Ordering or GoPro Solutions.

HawaiiMarlinFishing.com will never charge any booking or additional fees to our customers. All of the prices featured on our websites are set by the Boat Captains and Owners themselves, and HAVE NOT been further inflated by HawaiiMarlinFishing.com in any way.