Hawaii Marlin Fishing - Tipping Your Crew

Tips are earned, never mandatory. Tipping is always at your discretion, but we do encourage you to “thank” those mates for a job well done.

Experienced and knowledgeable boat crews are a critical part of any successful charter fishing vessel. From preparing the boat, rigging lines, changing bait, pulling that monster bill into the rail, and cleaning your catch their job is relentless and doesn’t end when you return to the dock. Boat mates are up before sunrise, typically arrive before the captain, and work for hours after the trip keeping the boat maintained and preparing for the next day’s charters. Just like that server at your favorite restaurant, these hardworking men and women are constantly in motion to make your experience the best. And just like that waiter, it’s customary to tip for great service.

Fishing industry standards follow the same guidelines as most service professions – 15% is appropriate, 20% for great service, more if they really rocked the trip or you caught a Trophy Size fish. Tips can be given together to the captain or divided up among the mates as you see fit. Cash is always best, and the crew will happily accept the local currency, some may prefer USD – it’s okay to ask. On a shared charter we recommend that you use your final ticket price to calculate the tip. Remember, everyone aboard pays the same price, so your crew tip is also shared equally.