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  • You are fully in control. No Booking/No Fee
  • Flexible Budgeting, You set the commission
  • Keep Your Charter booked, Even during slow time
  • FREE Worldwide Advertising & Marketing
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  • Captain or Boat Owner must complete the form fields below to Become a Boat Member.
  • You will receive an automated message from us asking you to confirm your email address.
  • After confirming your email, you will now be granted access into your Boat Member Web Portal.
  • It is here where you can provide detailed information about your company, boat, captain, equipment, policies etc…
  • Prior to publishing your boat live as an available listing on our website, certain profile questions must be completed.
  • To receive trip bookings, Captains must be able to Text Message or Email, and must have a cellular phone. Boat Captains are required to respond by Accepting or Declining all trip offerings in a timely manner.
  • Please conduct routine safety inspections, keep your boat well maintained, clean and your fishing gear in top operating condition.
  • We ask that you also please provide Boat Safety and Fighting Chair explanations to all customers prior to the trip.
How does it work and Why Should You Join?
  • It is completely FREE to have a have a boat profile listing on our website.
  • It is also FREE for you to use all services, widgets and features within the boat member portals.
  • You set your own Charter Boat Fishing Rates (Private and Shared)
  • You set your own Cancellation Policies and Fees, and our customers are bound to them.
  • You set the Trip Deposit Requirement Amount and the commissions that you are willing to pay to HMF.
  • You ACCEPT or DECLINE offered trips that will be sent to the Boat Captains via Text Message and Email.
  • HMF will retain our commissions and you will charge the customers directly for the balance of the trip.
  • Please also refer to the Boat Members section located in the Main Menu drop down bar of this website.There you will find all the detailed answers to how our program works and more reasons why you should join our team.
  • If you have any questions you are always welcome to call into our offices to speak with one of our Boat Member Representative who will be happy to assist. 808.369.9779.
Trip Cancellations and No Shows?

When Trip Reservations become a Confirmed Booking on the HMF website, the customers are bound at the point of purchase to your company's published Trip Schedule, Terms, Policies and any Cancellation Fees. If your guest cancels the reservation, you will receive IMMEDIATE NOTIFICATION via email, SMS and possibly a phone call by one of our customer service representatives.

If the trip cancellation is PRIOR to your company's established and posted Cancellation Policy on the HMF website, then we are NOT eligible to charge any cancellation fees on your behalf.  The customer's credit card will be refunded. If the trip cancellation is AFTER your company's established and posted Cancellation Policy on the HMF website, then we ARE eligible to charge your company's listed cancellation fees and we will forward that money on to you. 

If you customer DOES NOT SHOW UP  for their scheduled trip, and only after their scheduled trip time has completely expired, then we ARE eligible to charge the customer’s credit card for your company's cancellation fee. 

If your guest contacts you directly regarding a need to cancel a reservation, but has not yet done so, ask them to consider changing dates or altering their reservation. 

We ask you to please inform the Customer that all fishing trip & activity cancellations must be completed through the... Online Customer Portal

After the Trip is over, you are free to solicit the customers directly for future business…

We encourage and respectfully request that you communicate (phone or email) with our customers prior to their scheduled trip to ensure coordination. However, once our trip booking has been accepted by you, the provided customers are the customers of Hawaiian Island Enterprises and not the Charter Boat Operator. Our policy is that you allow us to offer all our value-added services (Transportation, Food & Beverage, GoPro, Drone, Fish Mount) to our customers prior to, during and "right" after the fishing trips. After 72 hours of our tendered trip completion, you are free to solicit the customer as your own for future opportunities.