Let us help you build “Your Shared Trips”

These are your own shared trips that you are building. All boat members who offer Shared Fishing Trips can set up their Hawaii Marlin Fishing Boat Profiles with all of their shared trip related information, schedules, policies and pricing, and of course you can also accept angler bookings directly from the HMF website. Your shared trip pricing will be separated from your private trips pricing to make it easier for prospect customers to research and compare. In order for a customer to make shared trip booking, they will be required to pay the full online listed per person shared fishing price. All Shared Trip Bookings delivered to your company through the HMF website will be charged a $35 per person commission. On the day of the trip you will charge our HMF Credit Card for the cost of the Anglers that we provided (minus the cost of our commission).

Become a Dedicated Boat for “HMF Shared Trips”

These are “Showcased” Scheduled Shared Fishing Trips that HMF is trying to build. The major difference is that Hawaii Marlin Fishing “Shared Trips” will only be booked for a Maximum of (3) Anglers. HMF will not book more than (3) anglers for our own Dedicated and Scheduled Shared Trips. After our commissions are retained, our partner boats are still receiving their full private charter price for our (3) Person Shared Trip that we have put together for them. We are looking for dedication from you for a specific day and time every week, and together we will build another fully paid fishing trip for your boat with a maximum of 3 anglers.

Our customers have (2) Options when considering a shared trip:

  • Watch the Trip – We will update the customer when “new” Reservations are made to the trip they are interested in.
  • Reserve A Spot – Customer is “Ready to Go” and agrees to be charged when the trip is set.

After the customer has decided on what boat and what trip they want to join, their reservation can be made in less than two minutes. When HMF has achieved (3) “Reserved” Anglers, then all anglers will be charged their $40 Deposits to set the trip. The remaining cost of the Trip Balance will be charged 24-48 hours before the scheduled date and time of the shared fishing trip. With this (2) Step Process you are fully protected from Cancellation or No Shows. Further, when you agree to become a Shared Boat Participant for Hawaii Marlin Fishing, you can still take direct bookings and build your own customers for these Scheduled Shared Fishing Trips. In this way, what do you have to lose? We are building a trip together. We are looking for loyalty, consistency and dedication of your vessel. Secure your spot now!

We’re easy to work with and we take care of “everything” for you!

We make it easy for our boat members as HMF will take care of all Customer Deposits, Payments, Trip Confirmations, Reminders and Directions. Yes, keep booking your own anglers and take ours too! All you need to do is run our credit card on the day of the trip for the anglers that we provide. It doesn’t get any easier than that!