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A shared fishing trip is where individuals are willing to be matched up with other anglers to make a full boat. In other words, "Pay Per Spot." You don't have to book the entire boat just to go fishing. And, unlike other boats that book (6) total anglers to a shared trip, at HMF we will only book (3) anglers to a boat. Select what Island, then click on the Calendar below to see our schedule of trips to reserve your spot or watch a trip. It's that easy!

*Prices listed below include all taxes and fees*

4 Hour = $236 per angler
6 Hour = $290 per angler
8 Hour = $325 per angler

HMF specializes in Shared Fishing Trips for Big Game Fish.  No matter what, by booking your shared trip with HMF you are guaranteed that:

Only (3) Total Anglers will be booked to a shared boat so you are DOUBLING YOUR CHANCES of getting hooked up and fighting some fish.  You will also have TWICE as much space on the boat to relax and be comfortable aboard our 34' to 53' Vessels.   On every trip the first (2) Reserved Spots are always RISK FREE and there are no financial committments until we have (3) anglers. You will be on a first class fishing vessel where Rods, Reels and Bait will be provided,and if you want to Order a Lunch delivered to the boat we can do that too!  Because HMF is booking more shared fishing trips than any other operator on the Hawaiian Islands, so your chances of a trip cancelling is very low.         

Big Island "Shared Fishing" Prices

Maui "Shared Fishing" Prices

BOAT SIZE 4 Hours 6 Hours 8 Hours
20 - 30' Shared Boat $223 $290 $340
31 - 39' Shared Boat $273 $323 $373
40 - 49' Shared Boat $306 $373 $423
50'+ Shared Boat $340 $406 $473
* Pricing does not inlcude State & Harbor Taxes

Oahu "Shared Fishing" Prices

BOAT SIZE 4 Hours 6 Hours 8 Hours
20 - 30' Shared Boat $173 $206 $240
31 - 39' Shared Boat $206 $273 $323
40 - 49' Shared Boat $240 $306 $373
50'+ Shared Boat $280 $340 $406
* Pricing does not inlcude State & Harbor Taxes

Kauai "Shared Fishing" Prices

BOAT SIZE 4 Hours 6 Hours 8 Hours
20 - 30' Shared Boat $173 $206 $240
31 - 39' Shared Boat $206 $273 $323
40 - 49' Shared Boat $240 $306 $373
50'+ Shared Boat $280 $340 $406
* Pricing does not inlcude State & Harbor Taxes

How Our HMF Shared Trip Pricing is Determined…

1. What Island ?

Depending on which Island you are on the pricing fluctuates. For the most part, the Shared Trip

Pricing is the same for Big Island, Oahu and Kauai, and Maui is a little more expensive.

2. What Type of Fishing ?

Big Game Fishing (Trolling Lures) is offered on all Islands, and Bottom Fishing Shared Trips only offered on the island of Oahu.

3. What Type of Shared Boat ?

We primarily are booking (3) Person Trolling Trips, however, as mentioned above there are a few Bottom Fishing Trips offered on Oahu where more anglers are booked for the trip.

4. What Size is the Shared Fishing Boat ?

At Hawaii Marlin Fishing, our Shared Trips are scheduled on boats that range in size form 32 – 39, 40-49’ and a few trips offered on 50’ vessels.

How Does It Work?…

All Big Game Shared Fishing Trips require a MINIMUM of (3) registered anglers. (3) is also the MAXIMUM number of anglers we will book. For bottom fishing shared trips, the minimum number of anglers required for these trips will be clearly stated in the scheduled trips detailed information section.

We primarily specialize in Shared Fishing Trips for Big Game Fish. This means on your trip you will be “Trolling” around the ocean at 6-9 knots, dragging lures and hunting Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin, Big Eye & Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi (Dorado), Ono (Wahoo) and other Big Game Pelagic Species. Fishing Rod positions on the boat are rotated between the anglers on different intervals (captain designed) to keep the chances fair for all. With HMF there will only be (3) anglers and with our competitors there’s up to (6) anglers, so you tell me where you have the best odds and where your money is better spent? We’ll make it easy for you… with HMF, you are literally “DOUBLING” your chances of fighting the fish of your dreams.

Hawaii Marlin Fishing is the only company that allows our anglers to “Reserve A Spot” on a Shared Trip without making any financial commitments. Nobody pays anything until we have (3) Anglers ready to go. If you are completely undecided and simply not ready to book a specific trip, we encourage you to “Watch” Multiple Trips that you are interested in. Our software will keep you notified in real time of all other anglers that become interested in your “Watched Trips.”

As mentioned above, you will only be asked to provide a DEPOSIT PAYMENT after we have the (3) Reserved Anglers for a specific trip. Once your payment is received, you will be provided with an automated emailed Trip Confirmation and Voucher that contain all trip related information. Please print these documents and bring them with you to the boat on the day of the fishing trip. We will be sending you reminders leading up to your trip and we are always available and ready to assist.

What Makes HMF Shared Trips Better?

  1. Shared Fishing Trips are the most affordable way to go fishing on the Islands.
  2. We offer 4hr, 6hr, 8hr Trip Duration and the sizes of boat used for our trips are 34’ – 60’ in length
  3. You can “Reserve a Trip” or “Watch” multiple trips until you are ready to book.
  4. On every trip the first (2) Reserved Spots are always RISK FREE and there are no financial commitments until we have (3) anglers.
  5. We make it easy with a simple online Calendar Schedule with Real Time eBooking Solutions
  6. We will only book (3) total Anglers to a boat. Our competitor’s stuffs (6) people together.
  7. With us you will have double the chances of fighting fish, and twice as much room on the boat
  8. No one catches more fish and offers nicer fishing equipment than our Fleet of Boats
  9. Our captains are some of the most proven and most respected in the world of big game fishing
  10. No one books more shared trips on the Hawaiian Islands than us, so your chances of a shared trip cancellation are very low.
  11. We offer at least (2) Scheduled Shared Trips every day of the week on all (4) Islands.
  12. We only work with the nicest, most active and most professional sport fishing boats in Hawaii.
  13. After eBooking HMF will provide updated trip status via automated emails and SMS text message.

What Happens When There are “Not Enough” Anglers ?…

Before we cancel the trip, we will always provide our anglers with the following (3) options:

(1) sending an email to all interested anglers who are “Watching” the trip to see if we can rally them to “Reserve A Spot” and complete the shared fishing trip. Quite often we have multiple people watching a trip, so once we get our first angler, we are constantly notifying these “Watchers” to try and rally them to make their own reservation on the trip. 24 hours before the trip, if we are close, we will be trying our hardest to fill the boat and get to the minimum number of anglers.

(2) If we have a two “reserved” and ready to go anglers, both anglers will have the opportunity to “equally split the balance” of the trip cost between them. With this option, you are still saving 30-50% off the cost of a full private trip.

(3) If by chance we have another scheduled shared fishing vessel planned, we will offer these trips to you as well to try and get you fishing. Sometimes the fishing vessel is bigger, and sometimes it may be smaller than the boat you were hoping to go on. The cost to change trips is Free, but if there is any difference in cost (less or more) you will need to pay the same going rate that the other anglers on that trip have paid.

If none of the (3) above options are accepted, and we are unable to reach the minimum number of anglers for a scheduled shared trip to depart, the trip will automatically cancel. There is no penalty, or fees, or obligation of any cost for anybody. Also, if a trip deposit has been taken on a Shared Trip and then the trip is cancelled by Boat Captain, then all trip deposit money will be refunded in full to all anglers.

Deposits & Cancellation Policy…

If we have reached the minimum number of anglers required for a trip, we will ask that all “spot reservations” be confirmed by making a $40 deposit payment to set the trip. Once the minimum number of angler’s deposits have been confirmed, the trip will be set, and the captain as well as the anglers will all be notified.

Most of the time our scheduled trips will fill up and book quickly, so the request for “deposit” payment is quite often 2-3 days prior to the actual scheduled trip date. We ask that all reserved anglers make their non-refundable deposit payment at the time we reach the minimum threshold of anglers. Please understand that if you reserve a spot on a scheduled trip, and you do not respond to our multiple requests for deposit, you may lose your spot to the next angler who is ready to commit to the trip. When anglers make their trip deposits, this is what sets the trip so everybody can relax, rest assured, knowing that they are going fishing. The Trip deposit will “guarantee” you a spot on the boat, but the deposit is non-refundable.

In regards to cancellations by angler, all cancellations must happen no later than 18 hours “PRIOR” to the date and time of the scheduled trip. You can cancel you trip at anytime by calling into our offices at 808.369.9779, or you can log into your customer portal at www.gohie.com/customerportal and cancel your trip there. If you do not cancel your reserved spot prior to the established cut off time, you will be charged the full “per person” price of the shared trip. Remember, t’s not just you, there are other anglers counting on you, as well as a captain and crew that have prepared the boat and are ready to work.

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