How Does it Work?

HMF offers a simple online platform where anybody can easily shop, research and Book the Hawaiian Fishing Trip of a lifetime. You can look over the boat profiles and scheduled trip information, or with a little bit of provided “Search” information, our system will automatically match up our boats and trips to your needs. Even after you book your trip (Shared or Private) with us, we will help to keep you organized and updated on your upcoming Hawaiian Fishing Trip by providing you with other activity suggestions, trip updates and reminders about our Food & Beverage services, as well as our GoPro Camera and Drone Video ordering options.

Hawaii Marlin Fishing is owned by Hawaiian Island Enterprises, LLC which also owns and operates multiple activity companies and websites. Therefore, as a value added feature for our customers, our website can also be used by our customers to search, review and book all of the other most popular Ocean and Island Activities in Hawaii. Futher, when a customer combines a Fishing Trip with another booked Trip Activity (Ocean or Island), our customers are guranteed to receive tremendous "package deal" savings. Seriously, look around our site, search and inquire about our other offered trips. Don't miss the opportunity to save both time and money. When you Book ALL OF YOUR FAMILIES Hawaiian adventures here with us, it create's guaranteed best pricing that is cheaper than buying direct from the vendor.

To our captains and boat owners, Hawaii Marlin Fishing is a FREE place to promote their services and gain more business. Our HMF Boat Profiles are one a kind and allow our captains to showcase exactly what it is that makes their customer service and boat experience unique, as well as requires them to set their own rates for both Shared and Private Trip bookings. HMF does not add any additional service fees or booking fees to the boats pricing, as we promote free market competitiveness and strive to always achieve the lowest possible trip rates for our customers.

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