How do I make a booking on your site?
What does my fishing include?
Do you have a booking fee?
What chartered boats are available?
Are boats available everyday?
How do I reserve?
Who do I pay and how do I pay?
Why should I choose HMF to book my big game fishing adventure?
How many people can be on each boat?
What Type of Fishing Trips are offered by Hawaii Marlin Fishing
Why doesn’t HMF promote and organize more Bottom Fishing or Shark Fishing Trips?
What is a Private Charter?
What is a Shared Charter?
How long are Private or Shared Charters in Hawaii?
What to bring on a Fishing Trip?
How do I use my HMF Credits?
What time do the fishing trips depart?
Can I book for only a Single?
How do I cancel my booked fishing trip?
Can I go Fishing even if I know absolutely nothing about fishing?
What if I get really sea sick?
Is there a cancellation fee?
What if I want to change my charter, is there a fee?
How do I book activities other than Fishing?
What if it rains?
What if Weather causes a cancellation in our trip?
Will we catch fish?
Can we keep our catch?
How do tip's or gratuities work on the boats?
Do you sell HIE Gift Cards?
What are Hawaii Marlin Fishing’s Office Hours?
How can I contact Hawaii Marlin Fishing?