George Parker

Captain of ""

In November of 1954, Marlin Parker's father, Kona charter Captain George Parker captured a 1,002-pound Pacific blue marlin. The first grander ever landed in U.S. waters, it smashed the All-Tackle world record. His first son was born shortly thereafter and was named in honor of the great fish. It was destiny that landed Marlin Parker in the world of big game fishing.

Marlin Parker

Captain of Marlin Magic - 47’ Buddy Davis

Founder of “Marlin Magic Lures” and the Marlin Magic Lures Fishing Tournament. Only months after receiving his captain's license - he landed what, at the time, was the largest blue marlin ever weighed in at Kailua-Kona on 80-pound class tackle, a 1,257-pound monster. It was a prophetic beginning for this skipper who is regarded as one of the best marlin fisherman in the islands, and even worldwide. His largest blue to date hit the scales at an incredible 1,400 pounds. It still stands as the fourth largest Pacific blue marlin ever landed on rod and reel! Capt. Marlin Parker's tournament record is enviable. His teams have taken first place honors more than fourteen times in major tournaments in the last 15 years, in addition to numerous "top-five" finishes and individual angler awards. He is the well earned recipient seven times of the prestigious Richard Boone Award, given to the "top skipper" in the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament, and second place skipper in the 2000 Rolex / IGFA Offshore Championship Tag & Release Tournament. In more recent years Marlin was the 2002 World Cup First Place winner, also in 2002 he placed first in the Shoot Out Tournament. The luck continued in 2003 with 5 First place tournament wins for the Marlin Magic including the HIBT Henry Chee Award. Today, Marlin's experience goes beyond Kona waters. He has spent 10 seasons fishing the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, 15 years fishing in Mexico, and has spent time in Florida and Costa Rica. He has carried on his father's tradition of building custom lures and is now a well known lure maker of Marlin Magic Lures that can be found world wide


Steve “Stymie” Epstein

Captain of “The Huntress” - 40’ Merritt

The Huntress is Captained by Steve Epstein, a 35 year veteran of fishing the calm waters off the Kona Coast. Steve grew up surfing, sailing, and fishing in So. California. After graduating from San Diego State University he spent several years working at KETTENBURG MARINE, rebuilding and repairing yachts, before heading off to French Polynesia aboard his own 36’ sloop for a year, finally sailing back to Kona to settle down with his family. Steve went on to work as a commercial fisherman aboard the 650 ton Tuna Seiner POLARIS, fishing from Mexico to Panama, and as far west as Hawaii. This is what set him on his permanent path as a charter Captain in Kona. In 1980 Steve teamed up with Marlin Parker to fish on board the 45’ Sampan ISLANDER. After several successful years fishing together, along with the help of their new owner, they purchased the 43’ Allied MARLIN MAGIC, on which they won countless tournaments, and caught the famous # 1,400 blue marlin in 1990. Traveling the world in search of the largest blue and black marlin lead Steve to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia for 3 seasons, and as far away as Madeira, Portugal. Fishing the Kona Coast since 1973, the HUNTRESS has been involved in some of the most exciting moments in Sportfishing history. Captained by Steve Epstein, 35 year veteran fishing in Kona, the HUNTRESS, formerly BLACK BART, still continues to be among the top marlin boats in Kona. This is the Boat that caught the famous # 1,656 blue marlin, with her former owner Bart Miller in 1984.


Chip “Grander” Van Moles

Captain of Luna - 40’ Gamefisher

Captain Chip Van Mols has been living and sport fishing professionally in Kona, Hawai’i since 1988 working as a crewman in his earlier years then following the natural progression to a professional captain. Chip has worked on and run several well know Kona charter boats including the Jun Ken Po, Rod Bender, Monkey Biz II and currently the LUNA. While Chip has spent most of his time fishing in Kona, he has also travelled the world in search of giant marlin and sharpening his skills and techniques with each regions best captain’s and crews. With trips to big fish hot spots like the Great Barrier Reef, Ghana and Ascension Island, Chip brings a huge amount of experience and expertise to the table which is reflected in his meticulous attention to detail on his top-shelf Kona operation. Caught and released more Blue Marlin Granders (4 In Kona) than anyone on the planet! Also multiple Black Marlin “Granders” down on the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. Daughter Jada is World Record Holder and 2014 Blue Marlin World Cup Winner. Captain Chip is always in search of his next giant blue marlin. Will you be the lucky angler in the chair when the next one shows up behind the LUNA?


Kevin Nakamaru

Captain of Northern Lights - 43’ Buddy Davis

After graduating from Fort Lewis College with a degree in Fine Art, Kevin took a year to travel and fish, and to see some of the famed spots he had read about and dreamed of all his life. One of these spots was the Great Barrier Reef off of Australia’s Queensland coast. His luck was good when he got a job with Capt. Peter Wright on the Duyfken the following year. This was the opportunity of a lifetime for Kevin. It was a time when all of the base skills that he had learned could be polished by learning Peter’s world class techniques. Their most notable catches during the three seasons they fished together were black marlins weighing 1,210, 1,188, and 1,020 pounds. They won the Dunk Island Classic three years in a row, and in 1994 won or placed in every major tournament held in Queensland including winning the Lexus and Lizard Island tournaments. Kevin often travelled with Peter during these years. One of the best trips he made was to Bimini, Bahamas, to fish for bluefin tuna off Cat Key. Their last day there they caught a 971 pound bluefin tuna off Sandy Cay that was the Bahamas record at that time. The dream to travel and see the world took Kevin to Madeira, Portugal where he ran the thirty foot express Pesca Grossa for five years during Madeira’s peak seasons. He weighed a 1,075 and an 1,188 pound Atlantic blue marlin at a time when catching granders was common in that area. He released a number of fish that taped out well into the mark. They caught a number of big eye tuna including several in the 300 pound class and one that weighed in at 330 pounds. They caught many fish over 700 pounds in the same day. On June 26, 1996 angler Ken Corday caught an 1,100 pound fish and another of 750 pounds and another one of 550 pounds. On the same day a year later, and nearly to the hour, he caught one that weighed 1,170 pounds. Once the fishing slowed in Madeira, Kevin returned home to Kona to pursue a childhood dream of skippering a Merritt. When the Northern Lights came up for sale, Kevin and Terry Fohey bought it. They share a unique friendship centered on the same goal…enjoying the fishing on the way to the next 1,000 pound fish. It was on the Northern Lights that Kevin’s most significant catch was made. He was the first angler, captain or crew to catch three thousand-pound billfish of different species by landing an 1,115 Pacific Blue on April 6,2000. This was the Triple Crown of Granders when added to the grander black marlins he caught in Australia and Atlantic blue marlins caught in Madeira. In the summer of 2005 an important record was made onboard Northern Lights. With Kevin as Captain and Terry Fohey in the chair, they caught and released eight blue marlin on one day beating the previous Kona record of six in one day. Two days later they tied their eight-catch record again but lost the ninth at the boat.


Bomboy Llanes

Captain of Bomboys Toy - 38’ Bertram