HMF Trip Security deposits help protect from mishaps, frequent cancellations, fence jumping and no show cancellations that might occur during or after a reservation.

HMF only collects your established Trip Deposit Requirement (HMF commissions) and the remaining balance for the trip is always paid directly to you (the boat), in your preferable means of payment, on the day of the trip. Therefore, we ask that you don't collect any additional deposits from our customers prior to their trip date. You are always protected because your Boat Cancellation Policies are binding upon the customer when they book their trip on the Hawaii Marlin Fishing website.

The HMF commission on the transaction is trip security deposit percentage that you establish. If the customer violates your trip cancellation policy, the Customers Credit Card will be charged by Hawaiian Island Enterprises for your published Cancellation Policy amount. It is worth mentioning that Hawaii Marlin Fishing has had less than 1% of canceled bookings since we opened and started the HMF website. We plan to keep that number as low as possible.

HMF can always facilitate larger deposits for certain reservations or larger boats.

Please contact a Hawaii Marlin Fishing Customer Service representative for any additional details that you many need.